International cooperation and technical assistance activities play a primary role in institutional strengthening and the development of official statistics. Law 12/1989 on Public Statistical Function grants the INE the preparation and execution of general plans for international technical cooperation in statistical matters.

The planning and execution of cooperation plans are carried out on the basis of the general guidelines set by the new Law 1/2023, of February 20, on Cooperation for Sustainable Development and Global Solidarity, which updates the Spanish development cooperation policy to the commitments of the 2030 Agenda. Among other objectives, it promotes greater integration in the policy and cooperation system of the European Union and an effective and comprehensive management of Official Development Assistance, establishing a more robust structure and a more coordinated, strategic and effective performance among all the cooperation actors.

The technical cooperation activities carried out by the INE basically consist of study visits (experts from the beneficiary country travel to the INE), technical assistance (INE experts travel to the beneficiary country or by video conference), face-to-face seminars, online courses and traineeships.

Requests for cooperation

Requests for cooperation (courses, study visits or technical assistance, project development) must be addressed to the Presidency of the INE through the S.G. of International Relations and the 2030 Agenda.

It will be necessary to send the terms of reference, which will include: objective, deadlines (scheduled date and duration), financing and place of completion on the action.