• Type of operation: summary and analysis statistics, compiled with results from different sources on past and present demographic trends.
  • Population scope: population resident in Spain, meaning by population resident in a specific geographical scope, those persons who at the reference date have established their habitual residence therein.
  • Geographical scope: national, Autonomous Communities and Cities and provinces.
  • Reference period of the results: population data are provided as at 1 January of each year for the 50 years following the year of compilation for the national total and for the following 15 years for Autonomous Communities and provinces. For demographic events (births, deaths and migrations) y para los indicadores demográficos básicos (birth, fertility, mortality, migratory indicators, population growth and population structure) the time reference is the calendar year from the year of compilation (inclusive).
  • Frequency of dissemination: biennial as of 2014.

Methodological documents, questionnaires, classifications,...