• Population scope: Social Security contribution accounts. General Scheme: Sections B to S of CNAE-09 and Special Scheme for Sea Workers: Sea Transport (Division 50 of CNAE-09). Within each account, individual employed workers are selected.
  • Geographical scope: the entire national territory
  • Reference period of the results: the calendar year
  • Sample size: 28,500 establishments and approximately 220,000 workers.
  • Type of sampling: Two-stage sampling. The first-stage statistical unit is the contribution accounts and a stratified random sample with optimal allocation is used. Comprehensive survey for establishments with more than 500 employees. The second stage is the workers of the contribution accounts. The number of workers selected in each account depends on the size of the account.
  • Collection method: questionnaire filled in directly by the establishment and exploitation of administrative files.
  • Standardised Methodological Report: 30189 - 30133
  • File in the Inventory of Statistical Operations: 30189 - 30133

Methodology documents, questionnaires, classifications...