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International Trade in Services Indices - Quarter 3/2019
Indicator Note Value Variation
Exports of services 18,021.5 12.1
Imports of services 13,010.4 12.0
  • Value in millions of euros) Variation: percentage compared to the previous year

The International Trade in Services Survey (ITSS) has the main objective of providing information on the value of exports and imports of non-tourist services made by units located in Spain and abroad. Data obtained are used as the basic statistical source for the compiling of the Balance of Payments and National Accounts of the Spanish economy statistics.

This is a quarterly continuous statistical operation with the dissemination of quarterly and annual data. On a quarterly basis, the ITSS provides information on the exports and imports for the main types of services (excluding tourist services) according to the Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification (EBOPS), as well as by geographical areas and counterpart countries. On an annual basis, the same quarterly information is presented, more broken down at a geographical and type of services level and with other variables allowing to characterise the companies that trade services internationally.

As of 2014, the dissemination of the results of the International Trade in Services Survey has changed. Now, data on exports and imports of services are published at levels and rates, instead of the Foreign Trade in Services Indices that were being published in this section.

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Quarter 3/2019 Published: 20/12/2019
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