4308Education Prior to University (Centres, Enrolment, Degree Holders and Personnel)

Institutions that intervene
MIGD, Councils/Departments with jurisdiction regarding all of the Autonomous Communities
Works that will be carried out in the year 2008
  • Methodological management of statistics and coordination with autonomous communities.
  • Analysis, filtering and publication of the 2006-2007 statistics (detailed definitive results).
  • Collection, analysis, filtering and publication of the 2007-2008 statistics (provisional preview data)
  • Collection of detailed data for 2007-2008.
  • Compilation and publication of estimated data for 2008-2009.
  • Work on improving statistical quality.
  • Methodology work to implement the new international requirements (UOE).
  • Analysis and implementation in statistics of amendments deriving from the Organic Education Law.
  • Updating and improving of common IT tools (SINEE and EECD) for Autonomous Community and national statistics.
  • Improvements to online dissemination.
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the year 2008  (in thousands euros)


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