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5802Central Personnel Register. Statistical Personnel Bulletin at the Service of Public Administrations

Institutions that intervene
MPRE, Councils/Departments with jurisdiction regarding all of the Autonomous Communities and the Autonomous Cities, Ingesa (MSAS), Social Institute of the Spanish Navy (MTIN), DG for the National Police and Civil Guard (MINT), DG of Personnel (
Works that will be carried out in the year 2010
Collection of the information via a complete listing of the original administrative data. Scope of the Central Personnel Register (RCP)
Collection of information corresponding to groups not included within the scope of the register.
Filtering, verification and quality control of the data.
Obtaining and dissemination of the results.
Six-monthly publication.
Six-monthly publication of the most important tables on the website of the Ministry (www.mpr.es), on the gateways of the General State Administration (www.060.es) and of Public Employees (FUNCIONA) (www.funciona.es)
The GCJB provides the staff figures from the Judicial Career; the MJUS; the staff figures from the Fiscal Career and the personnel staff figures from the Justice Administration; the MDEF, the staff figures from the Armed Forces; the MINT, the staff figures from the National Police and the Civil Guard; the Social Institute of the Navy, its staff figures; the National Health Management Institute, its staff figures; and they all compile, each quarter, statistical talbes of staff figures broken down by province, type and personnel category. The General Social Security Treasury provides the file of staff figures at the service of the Local Administration and the file of staff figures of public bodies with statistical information on: provinces of destination, sex, type of contract, year of birth and group they belong to. It also analyses the files and prepares tables with information on the number of staff figures and their provincial distribution. Councils/Departments with jurisdiction regarding all of the Autonomous Communities prepare statistical tables of staff figures, broken down by area of activity, type of personnel, province and sex, each six months. Through the Comission on the Coordination of Public Function, the data from the Autonomous Communities is collected and processed by the Directorate General for the Promotion of the Electronic Administration, both dependent on the MPRE.
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the year 2010  (in thousands euros)


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