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Distribution of the expenditure made by foreign visitors on Visits to Spain

The objective of this experimental statistic is to provide quarterly information on the actual expenditure at the destination made by foreign visitors during their visits to Spain, in order to obtain a greater disaggregation than that provided by the Tourist Expenditure Survey (EGATUR), both by countries of residence and by the destination regions. All this considering the premises of statistical secrecy and statistical significance.

The basic information is the Tourist Expenditure Survey to which auxiliary information has been incorporated regarding banking transactions carried out through cards by non-resident visitors in Spain on trips or excursions in the country. These bank transactions include transactions made through a card in person (payments made through the Point of Sale or POS Terminal), as well as cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Annual distribution of destination spending by country of residence according to autonomous community

Annual distribution of destination spending made in each autonomous community according to country of residence