What are experimental statistics?

This new section intends to better respond to users' needs through innovation in statistical production. The section covers ongoing projects that are in some way innovative, whether through their information sources, statistical methods, study scope or way of disseminating the results.

The presented contents are considered to be experimental because they have not yet reached sufficient maturity in terms of the reliability, stability or quality of data, as to be included in official statistics. However, the available results are offered to users for their use and evaluation due to the relevance that these may have and as a means to improve the products themselves by seeking the views of the information's final recipients.

The dissemination of experimental statistics is part of the European Statistical System (ESS) strategy, with cooperation from different national statistical offices as well as Eurostat.

Available experimental statistics

Experimental Statistics Under Development

In the New projects section you can also review other experimental statistics under development:

  • Índice de Precios de la Vivienda en Alquiler (IPVA)
    • Objective: Realizar y publicar una estadística experimental sobre el Índice de Precios de la Vivienda en Alquiler (IPVA) para la medición de la evolución anual de los precios del alquiler de la vivienda para residencia habitual de los hogares. La fuente de información utilizada para su cálculo será la base de datos proporcionada por la AEAT, que procede del modelo 100 de las declaraciones del IRPF.
    • Date of diffusion: First Semester 2022.
    • Technical project
  • Measurement of National and Inbound Tourism from the position of cell phones
    • Objective: perform and publish experimental statistics on the movements of resident and non-resident tourists with a higher level of geographical granularity than FRONTUR and ETR operations and with greater opportunity.
    • Date of diffusion: First Semester 2022.
    • Technical project