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Latest data (January 2024) Annual rate (%)
Turnover 2.8Gráfica serie
Employed personnel 2.1Gráfica serie


The objective of the Services Sector Activity Indicators (SSAI) is to measure the short term development of companies who operate in the Spanish services sector. By means of two variables (turnover and employment) the activity of the most important sector in the Spanish economy is reflected which, according to National Accounting data, represents 50% of Gross Domestic Product and 43% of employed people.

The sectors studied in the SSAI represents nearly 70% of the added value generated by market services.

To obtain the indices every month more than 27,500 companies are investigated except in the case of the retail trade whose data is obtained from the Retail Trade Index (RTI) which collects information from 12,500 companies.

Dissemination of results

Since January 2010, the INE has introduced a series of changes in order to homogenise dissemination of SSAI indicators with Eurostat and thus enable analysis by users.

Thus, information is provided on two large aggregates: Trade and Other Services, the latter broken down into five sectors (Transport and storage, Accommodation, Information and communications, Professional, scientific and technical activities and Administrative and support service activities).

For the purpose of offering greater detail, information will begin to be provided for land transport activity indices (including Passenger transport by rail, Transport by taxi, Other types of land passenger transport and Freight transport by road and removals services).


This includes the amounts invoiced by the economic activity unit for the provision of services and sale of goods. Turnover includes taxes on goods and services with the exception of VAT billed to the client.

Employed personnel

Employed personnel is made up of non-remunerated employees (owners who work actively in the company) and remunerated employees, both fixed and temporary.