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Description of HPI

The Hotel Prices Index facilitates getting to know the temporary evolution of prices received by hotel businessman considering all clients (households, companies, tour operators and travel agencies).

The hotel occupancy survey supplies the necessary information to construct this indicator, which is elaborated with the information received from approximately 6,000 hotel establishments in winter and 8,500 in summer.

The HPI is elaborated continuously each month. The sample is exhaustive for hotels with three or more stars in all of Spain's provinces.

HPI prices

The collection of information is carried out via a questionnaire filled in directly by hotel establishments. Information is given out on the price of each one of the tariffs that are applied to their clients (normal tariff, week end, tour operator, groups and companies).

The prices of the different tariffs refer to the provision of the said service which is accommodation in a double room with bathroom, without including breakfast or VAT.

Difference between the HPI and the CPI

The fundamental difference that exists between the evolution of the HPI and that of the tourist component of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is due to the fact that both indices measure the temporary evolution of different prices.

  • The HPI measures the variation of prices received by hotel businesspersons, considering all their clients.
  • The HPI measures the level of consumer prices and services only by households resident in Spain.


Press release Monthly series HPI Detailed results Methodology