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Latest data 2023 2022
Households with a computer (in %) 82.6 82.9
Households with broadband Internet access (in %) 96.4 96.1
Population (16 to 74 years) that uses the Internet (in %) 95.4 94.5


The survey on the equipment and use of information and communication technologies in households (ICT-H) focuses on persons aged 10 years old and over residing in family dwellings, and collects information on household equipment as regards information and communication technologies (television, telephone, radio, IT equipment) and the use of computers, the Internet and e-commerce.

In 2005 and 2006 the survey was six-monthly, but in 2007 it returned to a yearly frequency. The size of the sample is more than 23,000 dwellings, one quarter of which is renewed each year. Interviews to collect the data are carried out in the second quarter of the year, by telephone or by personal interview.

With the aim of achieving greater comparability with the data published by Eurostat, the results published refer to dwellings inhabited by at least one person aged 16 to 74 and to people in this same age group. Data concerning minors refer to the group aged 10 to 15 (the group researched before was aged 10 to 14).

Collaboration with Autonomous Communities

The ICT-H Survey has been performed in collaboration with the Cataluña Statistics Institute (IDESCAT), the Andalucía Statistics Institute (IEA) the Navarra Statistics Institute (IEN) and the Cantabria Statistics Institute (ICANE) within the scope of their respective Autonomous Communities. Furthermore, the INE has signed a collaboration agreement with the Information and Communication Technology Foundation Centre (CTIC) of the Principado de Asturias.

In addition, there is a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade through public business entity for the research of certain information society indicators.