The page that the INE uses to carry out surveys via the Internet redirects respondents to, so that the exchange of information between the user and the application may be carried out securely. A certificate is used for this purpose, which must be recognised by the user's browser program.

When the browser does not have the corresponding issuer's root certificate (the root certificate identifies the certificate of the page you want to visit, in this case), it warns you that you are trying to access a secure page but it is not recognised as such, so the user can choose to:

  1. Update your browser version, as some of them already include the necessary root certificate.
  2. Import the issuer's root certificate, which in this case is the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FMNT). To do this, you must download the root certificate from the official FNMT website (FNMT Class 2 CA) and import it into the browser..
  3. Accept the risks by adding an exception in your browser.

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