The electoral census contains the records of those meeting the requirements in order to be eligible to vote, and are not deprived, permanently or temporarily, of the right of suffrage.

The electoral roll is made up of:

  • The electoral roll of Spaniards residing in Spain (ECR).
  • The electoral roll of resident-absent Spaniards living abroad (ECAR).

It is sole instrument for all types of elections held in Spain, with the exception of municipal elections, including elections to Island Councils in Canarias, to Island Councils in Illes Balears, to the General Council of the Arán Valley and to the General Councils of Historical Territory in País Vasco where Spaniards living abroad cannot vote and registration in the ECR is essential.

In addition, the electoral roll is expanded with

  • The electoral roll of residents in Spain who are nationals of countries with Agreements for the municipal elections (EFRS Agreements).
  • The electoral roll of citizens of the European Union residing in Spain for municipal elections and elections to the European Parliament (EFRS UE).

Except for the EFRS Agreements, the electoral roll is permanent. It is updated monthly with reference to the first day of each month and voters can submit claims to the electoral roll at any time.

  • The monthly update is primarily carried out using the information received ex officio from the City Councils, Consular Offices, those in charge of the Civil Registry and with the estimated claims to the electoral census.
  • During each month, the electoral roll closed on the first day of that month is elaborated using the variations sent to the Electoral Census Office up until the penultimate day of the previous month, and processed that month.

The electoral roll in force for an election is closed on the first day of the second month prior to the date of its convocation, with the registrations of those of legal age on the day of voting.

The EFRS Agreements are created for each municipal election

  • The CERE Agreements are created for each municipal election and the registrations will be valid exclusively for the municipal elections for which the requests are made.
  • The list of countries with Agreements in force are Bolivia, Cape Verde, Colombia, Korea, Chile, Ecuador, Iceland, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago and New Zealand.

Regulations on the Electoral Census